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strive to make social change to improving our environment and society. These organizations often take the form of initiating projects or participating in community service events. Philanthropy is important to us and we try to give back to the community through not only volunteering but also creative thinking.

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“My favorite club is Troy Camp, a student organization that fosters long-term mentorship with students in the community around USC. Troy Camp is extremely important to me because we work with truly amazing kids and help prove to them that they are capable of anything.”Celeste, Biomedical Engineering '20

Listen to what our professional orgs are up to

Code the Change is a student organization that seeks to apply computer science skills to make a social impact. Liam and Alicia talk about the club’s current and past projects working with local non profit organizations and give advice for aspiring computer science students.

Want to make a impact on the world using your engineering knowledge? Engineers Without Borders gives students the opportunity to do so by pairing with communities around the globe to solve real world issues with sustainable, equitable, and economical solutions. EWB’s USC chapter is currently working on projects in Guatemala and at the San Diego Zoo, which you can learn more about in the episode!

Being an engineer doesn’t mean our lives are all-engineering-all-the-time! We are involved across campus in a variety of activities, including service opportunities. This episode explores one of the coolest ways to give back and make a #ViterbiImpact: USC Troy Camp. We sat down with Lindsey “Shortcake” and Nausher “Manatee” to talk about this student-run philanthropic organization that provides life-long mentorship to local kids in the Los Angeles area. The highlight of the organization is putting on a full fledged, week long summer camp full of nature, activities, and friendship. Fun fact: Paul was the Director of Troy Camp back in his time at USC.

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