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Professional Student Organizations

provide students the opportunity to not only network with other engineering students with similar interests, but also graduate students, professors, and industry representatives. These organizations often inform students the opportunities available after graduation through a variety of networking events.

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Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering (ASBME)

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Alpha Omega Epsilon

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“As Programming Director for the USC Chapter of IISE, I get a chance to connect students from my major with industry professionals through networking events and workshops. The Trojan Family really comes into play here, as Viterbi Alumni are always more than willing to hire and mentor fellow trojans! “Jose, Industrial and Systems Engineering '19

Listen to what our professional orgs are up to

Kelly and Paul chat about all things Civil & Environmental Engineering with current students Lucy, Erin, and Nick, students in Civil Engineering (Building Science). As part of the American Society of Civil Engineers Student chapter they compete in the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge competitions each year…. and we even have a fun little story about Sylvester Stallone!

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