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Hey there, welcome to my student page! I’m Frankie, a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering from Baltimore, Maryland. On campus, I’m involved as in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Troy Camp, and USC Ski and Snowboard Team! This summer I worked at a PepsiCo at a bottling plant! There is no place like LA and the opportunities it offers. I can go to the beach, eat food at delicious new restaurants, go snowboarding, and my favorite, going to concerts! Keep scrolling to check out what my #ViterbiLife is like!

My Favorite Places in LA


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I interned at PepsiCo Bottling Gourp for my last summer! I really enjoyed my time there and plan on returning next year to work in Sacramento! I worked with processing the soda, making sure the plant ran well and ultimately made sure that the product got to the costumer.
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is an engineering organization on campus that focuses on helping underrepresented students reach their professional aspirations
While it is not exactly a team, the ski and Snowboard team ensures you will have a good time. We travel about 5 hours up to Mammoth mountain to have a change of pace with all the beautiful warm weather we have in LA.

My Major at USC: Chemical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
Physical Chemistry or Pchem focuses on the laws of thermodynamics and breakdowns the overarching concepts that are used to design some of the most advanced processes.
Computer aided process design focuses on the creating computer models of processes that will made into large scale plants. It uses programs like excel and PROII, a process design program.
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True! I have been scuba diving since I was 16 and have always loved entrepreneurship. Hopefully, you can buy this product soon.
True! Actually, I love spongebob and it was one of the best shows during my childhood. Never forget the memories of your childhood.
I almost had you there didn’t I. Dogs are awesome.

My Favorite Shows

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    Come on you know Avatar was the best show growing up. I recently started watching it again and it is just as good as it use to be. You can’t say that about many shows.

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    If you need a nice laugh, make sure to check Always Sunny. While the stories can be a little off the wall, I can always count on a nice hard laugh by the end of each episode.

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    If you want a laugh and get stoked about LA, watch a little Entourage.