Winter Break

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It’s finally winter break. After a long fought semester, its finally time to kick back and relax and see some old faces. Of course I never want to leave school, especially since it is 35 here and 60 there, but after thanksgiving and finals, you just want to see your old friends and take a little breathier. I got home on Tuesday and really haven’t done much besides see family and friends, and do a little Christmas shopping here and there. I never really miss my family while I’m away at school, but when I’m home, I’m so grateful to just sit down with my family and have a nice dinner. You start to realize how great a home cook meal is and just to be in your old environment. Their might be some dull times while you are home, but when you are back at school getting back to the grind, you’ll definitely miss the times you had during winter break. Cherish your family and friends, and enjoy having nothing to do.

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