USC has built their prestige since it opened in 1880 and has become a large “brand name” among the top tier colleges. USC holds a very large presence in LA in that many businesses have at least one or two USC alumni among their staff. Due to this fact and the growing intelligence of the incoming students, USC attracts some of the biggest and most prestigious companies from around the country. Many parents will ask me while I work a USC admissions event, “Will USC get my child a job,” and that is when I usually reply, “USC won’t give you a job, but they will for sure help a lot.”


Nothing will be handed to you while you continue your education at USC, but a series of resources like the career office, Viterbi Career gateway and the numerous companies that visit during career events make the process significantly easier. Every year we have 3 major career events; the Viterbi Career Conference, Viterbi Industry Networking Event and the biggest one, the Viterbi Career Fair.


IMG_3177 (me at the Viterbi Career Conference with a fellow Trojan)

These three career events present a variety of big name companies that are looking to hire USC trojans. Some of the companies range from very small local based companies to very large companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Chevron. Not only does USC attract some of the biggest companies on the market, but the Viterbi engineering school simply helps you out so that you can be ready for each event. Viterbi Career services provides resume help, cover letter tips and really will help you with every aspect of the career process. They will never do it for you, but they will guide you every step of the way.

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