Troy Camp

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I joined quite a bit of clubs this year based on interest and the need to become more apart of school. While I joined a wide variety of clubs ranging from Society of Petroleum Engineers to Ski Team, I would have to say my favorite would be Troy Camp. Troy Camp is an organization dedicated to bettering the community and its young citizens in downtown LA. We have events every week including simply playing soccer and other sports with elementary school kids to helping little kid learn their alphabets. We try and foster a healthy society for kids that might not have everything that a normal USC student would take for granite: schools, places to play outside,  and trips to camp. Every year we take this kids up to camp in various locations for a week of fun and sleep away camp. While I have yet to got to camp, I understand that its like any childhood camp where you sit around bondfires and go swimming. Troy Camp is not only fun because you get to meet people that enjoy helping little kids, but the kids that you meet are so funny. Troy Camp is your last time before you move onto the real world where you can be yourself and be as childish as you want. Not only does Troy Camp allow you to get in touch with your childhood self, you get to help little kids reach to places that they never would imagine could happen.


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