1. Going to the beach

This year I got to go to the beach a record amount of the times with my family and friends. When I first moved out here, I went with my family. Then throughout the semester I have been able to make it to the beach a record 3 times this year.


2. First Troy Camp “counselor meeting”

This semester I joined a couple clubs while also trying to maintaining clubs I already joined. A major club that I joined was Troy Camp. For Troy Camp, we help the surrounding the community mentor and teach developing minds. At first, I felt a little overwhelmed by the amount of people who were apart of Troy Camp and how well everyone knew each other. I finally felt apart of Troy Camp when I went to a Troy Camp “counselor meeting.” Everyone was so welcoming and friendly.

3. Getting a 100 on stats

After a couple bad midterms, I got two midterms back and scored amazingly. As I pushed papers out of the way to find my exams, I saw a wide range of grades, but then when I finally got to mine, all I could see was a 100.

4. Parents Visiting

A couple of weeks ago, my parents and my sister came to visit me for Parents Weekend. While I feel as though I talk to them every day, it felt great to finally hang out with some familiar faces


5. VSA Party

After our long day of Discover, I got to kick back and hangout with my fellow VSA’s

6. First Solo MUSC

During Parents Weekend, I had my first Meet USC while my mom was on campus. It was funny watching my mom follow our little tour group around campus especially during my first solo MUSC. I felt as though I had my right of passage as I lead my tour through campus answering their various questions.

7. Being able to “work out” after my surgery

During the summer, I had to get shoulder surgery due to my torn labrum, so I was out of commission for awhile. Until a couple weeks ago, I could barely lift my arm. Last week I was finally able to do push ups and start back my regime of getting back in shape.


8. Joining Ski Team

As I patiently waited next to my laptop on a Wednesday night, I finally was able to sign up for ski team. Ski Team is one of those clubs with only a limited amount of spots so I was pretty excited when I got a spot to join the team.

9. Thanksgiving

Parents weekend was already pretty cool, but being able to be home and see all my family was such a treat.

10. Getting a Research job and a position at Schlumberger

After a freshmen year of not being successful to find an internship, this summer I hit the jackpot and got two summer gigs; a research job on campus and a week camp with a major oil company.



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