The final chapter is finally underway and it’s a very love, hate feeling. Mostly hate to be honest, but still, I’m excited for my transition to being a real adult. There are somethings I need to learn before moving, but if engineering has taught be anything, is that sometimes you just got to sit down and teach yourself until you understand it. My semester has truly started with a bang though. I’ve been up to Big Bear to go snowboarding and Knott’s Berry Farm for a retreat.

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This transition is like senior year of high school where your friends are going all separate directions, but at least this time, I’m more prepared. Senior year of high school, you don’t realize that keeping in touch with people can be a huge challenge, so I’ve made it my objective to spend as much time with the people I know it will be a struggle to see. I’ve already made plans for big trips that I plan to take in the upcoming weeks. While a trip to Mammoth hasn’t been set in stone, I know that I will for sure be going snowboarding soon. Either at Mammoth or making a trip to Utah. I told myself I would try to save more money this semester, but I am too tempted to go to Coachella. I saw Travi$ Scott was on the line up and I basically was sold at that point. This creates a little dilemma since I will be going to Cabo during Spring break and Indonesia during the summer. I could never give up those two trips, but it is a matter of deciding if spending money for Coachella will be worth it. To be honest, these are the only real issues I am facing this semester, just deciding how I am going to enjoy the last semester at this amazing institution. There are so many opportunities this semester, and I want to make sure that I take advantage as many as possible. The further you get in college, the more doors that open; you just have to decide which ones to choose. At the end of the day, my semester will be fun no matter what, I just want to ensure that it will be one that I remember forever.

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