By deciding on going to the prestigious University of Southern California, you have also gained access to one of the greatest places in the world, Ground Zero. Ground Zero is a hybrid place that provides an area to study, listen to live performances and of course, get an assortment of unique drinks. During exam week, they will turn the place into a quiet study area. On any given night, you can walk into to ground zero to see students doing sketch comedy or performing one of their newly written songs.  The students that perform tend to be pretty good especially since we go to such a theater and music heavy school. The music program tends to perform their projects at Ground Zero, so everyone can come watch. I have never been disappointed by their performances. The milkshakes is what tends to draw me their though. Of these drinks, you can get coffee, expresso and my favorite, milkshakes. Sometimes I will adventure onto campus at night, or even when I have a hour break in between classes,  to go over to Ground Zero to listen to some calming music and do a little bit of work with a nice cold milkshake. The thing that makes these milkshakes so special is the fact that each kind is so unique. You will have some shakes that are basic as cookies and creme to the Luke Chaiwalker that is the perfect blend of chai, oreo cookies and gingerbread flavoring. There are various milkshakes on their menu with these wacky flavors. I cycle through the menu, but my favorite are the Luke Chaiwalker, Five Dollar Shake (oreo and reeses), and Smores Galore (marshmallow, chocolate and cookies). If you ever catch me on a MUSC or during on-campus event, sometimes I will be asked about my favorite part about campus and usually my answer will be Ground Zero.  If you get the chance to come to campus, make sure you check it out. You will not be disappointed.


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