Summer Plans – A month of flying and then interning at Pepsi

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School is finally coming to an end and it makes sadder with each day; it means that I am getting older and slowly approaching graduation next year. If college was free, I would definitely try to stay at USC for a couple more years, but I guess it is time to grow up. This summer is going to be very eventful though, especially in the month of May. I finish up with finals next week on the 11th and by the end of that week, I will be flying across the country back to Baltimore, Maryland. I luckily have kept in contact with my close friends from high school and am always so excited to fly back to see them. Unfortunately, I will only get to spend time with them for a week. The only reason I am not too bummed is because right after I leave Baltimore, I will be flying to the land where video games are professional sports, South Korea. I have never been anywhere besides North America, so I am pretty pumped to explore South Korea. I am not too pumped about the 18 hour flight though; I honestly do not have a clue how I am going to entertain myself on a plane for basically a whole day. I keep telling myself that I am going to be productive, but I honestly can’t imagine that is going to happen. It will be a good time to relax and truly embrace another culture. I plan on visiting at least one arcade while I am there and hopefully, trying real Korean BBQ unless that is just an American thing. After a week of exploring South Korea with my family, I will be flying back to California for my summer internship. This summer I will be working at Pepsi in the future leaders program. More specifically, I will be working in their supply chain sector focusing on manufacturing and management. I am pretty excited because it sounds like it will be the perfect balance of engineering and business.  This summer is going to be one for the record books because it will be my last one before I go onto the real world.

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