It’s the beginning of the new year otherwise know as Round 2 in my books. Fighting sports have always been an interest of mine so Round 2 sounds pretty appropriate to me. But anyways back to the main topic, IT’S SOPHOMORE YEAR, and I’m slowly, but surely getting older. Time is moving significantly faster than in high school; probably because I’m really enjoying my time in sunny California. I went home for the long weekend, (I know I know I missed the game, but trust me I won’t miss anymore) and after a day, I simply realized, “wow this weather in Baltimore kinda sucks.” No matter, I escaped the dreadful humidity and am back to get started with actual classes. I say actual because the first week tends to be kind of review of past material or a basic overview.  photo (2)

I’m pretty glad we had a nice easy week of classes because this year is going to be pretty tough. I’m really getting into my major specific classes; I’m taking CHE 330 (thermodynamics), CHE 405 (statistics), and CHEM 300 (analytical Chemistry). I am also taking a GE, AMST 135, that focuses on the Latino population and their history throughout North and South America. Then I’m taking Physics 151 which is kinda blehh; Blehh translates to Physics is kinda confusing for me, but definitely not impossible. So yes, classes are going to be tough this semester, but how is it engineering if isn’t a challenge?  I signed up this.

Enough about boring old class though, time to move onto some other topics. Last year I was voted onto E-board for a club called COC that assists local high school students. Luckily I got the role that I wanted and am the co-head of mentoring and tutoring. I’m pretty pumped to get over to the high schools and start making an impact. I’ve always wanted to help reach out to kids that might not have the same privileges as me or simply have been pointed in the wrong direction. I feel as though that a large portion of high schools haven’t be allowed to dream because they don’t have anyone to believe in them or assist them in finding their passion. I want to reach out to the students and give them a better chance of reaching their goals. I’ve taken on a good amount this year, but am pretty excited to see how the semester unfolds.

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