Perks of Being an Engineer

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Being an engineer has the negatives of having a good amount of work week to week, but the perks definitely out weigh the negatives. Included in sed perks are awesome lasers, playing with acids, FIRE and simply just working with cool machinery. This is only my perspective of the things I have done, but there are so many more cool things to do as an engineer. I will first touch on the couple things my friends have done and then share a couple personal experiences. My friends Peter and Eric are both on the 3D printing club; Not only do they get to work with 3D printers, they have time to make their own things with the 3D printers. I know my roommate Eric has brought home small little plastic figurines that he made during club meetings. There are plenty of clubs and research opportunities out there that allow you to do an array of projects that range from simply mixing mixtures to working on motors to even working with a wind tunnel (yes, we have a wind tunnel).

Personally, being a chemical engineer, I deal a lot with mixing solutions. These solutions can be as basic as simply mixing water with various chemicals to mixing acids and heating substances that show an array of results: color change, bubbling, large fire, and smoking beakers. As a chemical engineer, we get to use all kinds of chemical equipment in lab like bunsen burners, plasma burners, lasers and various chromatography machines. Depending on your major or your research, you get to use even more cool machines and dangerous chemicals. Engineering might require more time than other majors, but remember, Business majors have to look at tables and charts while we get to play with lasers and 3D printers.

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