For some incoming students, your favorite part about going to college is the fact that you’ll finally be away from your parents. Everyone has different relationships with their parents and some people just want to go to college to feel the first time to be truly free from their parents. No matter if you are excited to leave the nest or are indifferent to leaving your parents like I was, it is always exciting to see them for parents weekend; even more exciting is the fact that parents weekend gets better and better every year.

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The reason I love parents week is strictly based on the fact that being so far away from home (Baltimore, MD) can be a ¬†little tough, but when my parents are here, I feel like I am home again. My parents always bring me clothes that I have forgotten or simply cookies from grandma that are too die for; but the best part of them visiting though is just their presence. Throughout your life you have lived with them everyday, but when you stop seeing them on a regular basis, its really awesome to see the people have been there every step of the way. I am not saying that I miss my parents everyday, but it is just nice to see the people who have have supported you and helped you reach USC. I guarantee when you see them Freshmen year, they will be more excited than you are, but in the inside, you’ll only be slightly less excited and will try to hide it from your friends. As the years pass and they keep coming to parents weekend, you’ll stop being so embarrassed to show your excitement and you’ll be just as excited to see them. This excitement will come from a couple things: their presence, their familiar faces, their stories of home and the fact that you are about to have a great weekend in sunny LA. Its also nice to meet your friends’ parents because I’m sure they know who are just as much as your parents know about all your friends. Its really fun time to bond with your family and hear some funny stories about your friends from their parents. ¬† Parents weekend is one of my favorite events on campus because I get to enjoy the school I love with the people I love.

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