With May 1st slowly approaching, it comes a time when you must make a big decision in your life to decide where you would like to go. Theres many factors that weigh into your decision, but it is a fun decision to make. You are deciding on college, 4 years of studying and fun that you have worked so hard to achieve. When it comes down to your decision, there are a couple things that I considered that made the decision process that much easier. My final choices were Cornell, UMD and USC. They each offered me great financial packages as well as a great education. This was a hard choice based on the fact that I wanted to go to each of these schools, but each for different reasons.UMD was 45minutes away from my home and all my high school friends would be there. I had been going to the same school since 2nd grade so seeing new people was very different for me. Cornell was an ivy league education with great programs and options. Both of these options were great, but as you can tell, USC simply won me over the day I stepped on campus. While the other schools offered me a little more money, I knew USC was the place I wanted to be. I remember the first day I stepped on campus and the sun was shining and the people were smiling. I just imagined myself waking up everyday, no matter what time I went to sleep, and waking up with a smile. I just felt like this was the place to be and the academics were top tier. Even better I was in LA, where you can meet anyone from anywhere. I can remember I met all kinds of people. People from TV shows,1379906_4862256934913_1005712948_n1523403_10152337153961768_6587432142139160904_o

(Zoey 101, That’s So Raven, Pretty Little Liars)

singers (EVE),


company owners and simply people from across the world. USC not only offered great weather, but so many opportunities to meet people that you could never imagine meeting. ┬áLA also offers any kind of nature you want: mountains, beaches, forests, cities, deserts, anything you can think of. I will leave you by saying that Yes I love USC and I believe that everyone should be able to experience the things that I did, but at the end of the day, the school that you choice should be the place that made you feel at home; you should feel how I felt when I walked onto USC’s campus.



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