Leavey, Doheny and any Library are your Best Friends

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As an an engineer and as a college, you will spend a lot of week day nights studying or doing work, but you got to find your special place where you study and get work done. Some people like staying home, going to a classroom or working outside, but for me, I need to be in a quiet area away from anyone that I know. I am not the best focuser and when I’m around people, I can’t stop myself from talking. Of course, working in study groups is different and still a little difficult, but when I’m doing work I have to work alone. Leavey, Doheny and the Lorenzo study rooms are my favorite place to study because they have plenty of space where I can lay out my laptop, my books and all the rest of my stuff. These places also provide a nice quiet area where people are also working on their own stuff so theres not many things distracting me. For Leavey, I like to get a study room, study downstairs in the classroom or work on the third floor. In Doheny, I like to work in the big Hogwarts room, but most of the time people cover every space of the room. I then usually go to the book stacks area which have individual desks and tables throughout each floor. 9th floor is my favorite since most people don’t tend to go there. Finding a good study area is all about your preference and your work habits. Anywhere can be a good study area; it just depend on how your mind works and what bothers you.


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