Get Pumped No Homework

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One of the coolest parts about the transition from high school to college is that a lot of your classes do not have homework. Well let me explain a little more. When you get to college, each class is run a little differently and good amount of classes do not have homework due each day, each class or even every week. Another aspect of college is that you usually won’t have the same class every day, but usually every other day or twice a week. For many classes, the homework acts as a way to refresh last classes homework, but some classes put responsibility ¬†on you to review on your own so they do not assign homework. For a majority of my chemistry classes, they do not assign homework due for each class, instead they will put practice problems on their website so that you can study on your own. While this frees up a good amount of your time from doing homework, it also means that you have to do the assignments on your own. In college, professors give you all the freedom and it is completely on you to complete your work. While this might seem tough for some people, it is a big step towards growing up and keeping track of your own stuff. College teaches you advance formulas, techniques and even how to be a functioning adult.

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