And we are back. Winter break was fun even though it wasn’t very winter like back in Baltimore. On Christmas it was 70; YES 70!  We had to turn the air to keep everyone from sweating away all those Christmas pounds. Christmas isn’t christmas when it is warm or at least an East Coast Christmas isn’t the same. Christmas was still a blast and was only a small facet of my great winter break. I was in Baltimore for the most of my break visiting my friends from high school. Besides simply visiting people, seeing old friends and sitting in the DMV, I didn’t do much in Baltimore.


Since I put my everything into last semester, I didn’t have a problem just hanging out and doing a whole bunch of nothing. The older I get the more satisfied I get by simply just spending time with my friends and family. I am away from them for so long that it is just a blessing to see them. Besides just sitting at home, I was able to do a little traveling; I went to Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania and finally, San Diego.  I wanted to travel a lot over break and luckily I was able to. I was able to spend my New Years in Manhattan, visit the San Diego Zoo and even stop by my roommate’s house in Pennsylvania.  This break was a lot of fun.

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