Spring Semester was a great semester not only college wise, but also a period of personal growth. Like I have mentioned before, I have struggled with time management and ultimately balancing my time throughout all my activities and academics. I developed my time management skills a little more and was able to finish out this semester strong while also planning out the next year. From first semester Sophomore year, I over extended myself by joining to many clubs and trying to split my time evenly between them all. In the end, this didn’t allow me to dedicate as much time to the clubs that I truly wanted. In the end, I was able to develop a list of priorities and focus my time on a few clubs that I truly loved and saw myself being apart of through the rest of college. On top of balancing my time, I was able to develop better study techniques while also having more fun on weekends. I was able to make it almost every weekend, and if I wasn’t able to, I was still able to make it to the movies, get dinner with a friend and explore LA.


This semester was a great period of learning and developing myself for a better future. IMG_2215

On to the future and my summer plans. I have a loose outline of what my summer will entail. While I won’t be able to make it home as much as last year, I will still be able to enjoy sunny California the majority of the summer. After finals, I will be shipped off to Midland, Texas to work for Schlumberger (an oil services company). I will only be there for a week, but I am sure I will learn all kinds of things. After then I will enjoy the rest of my May at home with my friends and family. Once it hits June, I will be back on the plane and heading back to LA for research. Hopefully, some family and friends will finally visit me here, but I will still have friends here to spend time with the rest of the summer. I haven’t decided to take summer classes, but I know for sure that I will be getting back in shape and learning more about a high school dream of Finance and investment banking. This semester was great, and I speculate the summer will be too.



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