I always use to say that the keys to success are just hard work and dedication, but when I started facing heavy duty work, I realized that sometimes you simply need to have some good old fun. People forget to mention that you need to not only enjoy what you are doing, but you also need to take a break on the side to go have some fun.  When you stop enjoying your profession, whether it is a sport or simply a job, you should reconsider your decision. I spent a significant amount of my year making sure I enjoyed what I was doing. I came to the conclusion that I love solving math and chemistry problems, and that engineering is for me. Sometimes you have to simply step back and look at the whole picture, present and future.

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Now to the fun part. When I say you need to fun, I don’t mean that you forget about your work and simply go out every night; I mean that you need a good balance. The struggle of a college student is a stressful one, and if you are locked up in your room all day every day, of course you’ll do well in school, but you won’t be able to get the full experience of college and most likely you’ll go insane. Yes, insane. The amount of stress and tensions built up in your system will result in the smallest things setting you off and one bad grade will tip you off the edge. On top of that, you’ll be that creepy roommate that everyone thinks never leaves his room. People will be surprised at the sight of you having fun and your roommate’s friends will talk about you. Of course you need to work hard, but there is a perfect balance between the two where you can enjoy college and still get good grades. College is more than just a place to get a degree, it’s an experience like no other where you can explore your academic and social freedoms. So try and go out every weekend; let it motivate you to get ahead of your work. When your friends ask you to go downtown, be more inclined to say yes. When even USC president, Max Nikias, recommends acting on impulse and having fun sometimes, you know it’s a good suggestion.

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