Don’t Get Discouraged

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When you get into USC, especially as an engineer, you are a pretty unique student that tends to be at the top of their class. When you get here, you are surrounded by top tier students that were the top of their class and could have gone to wide range of top rated schools. The competition is at a higher level like going from college to the pro level. No one said engineering is easy, but don’t be worried there is a lots of chances to do well. The first couple classes you’ll see that the standard is at a higher level, but you are a unique student and will find a way. Engineering is a tough major, but you getting into USC shows that you have what it takes to succeed and get through this major. Don’t be discouraged by the new challenge and a bad grade or two. Initially, you might not be doing as well as you were doing in high school, but with a semester under your belt, you will understand what it takes and will return to your normal standards. And remember, everyone faces this problem when they first get to school. When I first got to school, I was used to only As and I got a couple B- first semester, but second Semester, I learned the system and was able to return to normal standards. So keep your chin up and don’t be discouraged, you’re special and you can do it. You are an Engineer.



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