I know it has been awhile, but I am finally back to school. Winter break was very interesting and relaxing. I say interesting because it was so much different than the first one last year. Last year it entailed a lot of hanging with friends, but every night encompassed searching for parties and trying to revert back to high school weekend. This winter break was a lot of simply relaxing with friends. I would invite them over and I would go over to their house. It was a lot more of just simply enjoying their company and catching up. This break was a lot more relaxed and lazy. Of course I felt like I had things to do the whole break, but I just simply relaxed after this rigorous semester. My daily schedule revolved around waking up around 10 or 11, eating a bowl of cereal or getting breakfast with a friend then I would either relax, watch a movie or go spend time with a friend. The night would always entail some kind of sitting and just talking to one of my friends. This winter break was spent mostly enjoying my friends and their company. I didn’t really want to do much since I worked my butt off.

Besides my daily schedule, on New Years I traveled to Manhattan to visit my cousin and join in on his party. I got to spend the whole night with him and my sister in the beautiful city of New York (even though it was freezing). We went shopping and adventured through the crowded streets. Then that night of New Years, we met my cousin Chad’s friends and enjoyed the festivities.


After I returned from New York, I went back to my winter break schedule until the last week of break. For the last week, I took a road trip from Maryland back to LA. I came into the trip still in a lazy mood so I wanted to stay home, but as soon as we started the trip, I loved it. I got to explore the unseen parts of the US and simply enjoy the scenery. We went through Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and finally California. We went through an assortment of national parks with mostly good weather. All the national parks still had snow on them, but it was still relatively warm. I went through Arches,



Bryce Canyon,




and the Grand Canyon.



It was a great vacation of exploration and relaxation, but now I am ready for the Spring. This semester I plan on being more prepared for school and the clubs I joined last semester. I also want to get back in shape since I’ve been slightly injured since the summer. It will be a great semester.




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