How’s it going everybody? Summer is coming to an end and school is about to be in full force. I can’t believe it’s August already, but honestly I am not that upset. I miss seeing all my friends and all the crazy festivities that happen on campus especially tailgating. Summer will be missed too though. I had a great summer working at Pepsi.

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Starting around June 1st, I began my job at Pepsi and ultimately my transition into becoming a full-on adult. My mornings first started with me waking up around 6AM for my onboarding process. During my onboarding process, I was shadowing various managers from the major departments at the plant: Production, Warehouse, Quality Control and Maintenance. They each explained their position and I was able to see an average day in their life.   Driving to work could be slow on days and very fast on others. One way or another it was great driving with sun shining bright with some nice Future, J.Cole, Kanye West or Travi$ Scott playing in the morning. I like to start my mornings with a bang otherwise I will have a slow start.

Depending on the project, I would stay in my office or adventure into the plant to either label machines or assess equipment. My manager always found a way to keep me busy, so there was never a dull moment in the plant. Some days I would be creating tables to save the plant money or looking to improve the overall safety of the plant. Once an 8-hour work day, I tiredly head home around 5pm to sit in traffic for about 45mins. Drives home are always a struggle after a day of work; you just want to take a nap the whole drive home or at least I always do.   After work really varies though day to day. Some days I have to do adult things and go grocery shopping, but on the other hand, sometimes I head to a friends house to order a pizza and just hangout. This summer has been mostly working, but I have had plenty of time to hang with friends every day and enjoy my summer. As you get older, you slowly lose your freetime, but that doesn’t mean your summers still can’t be interesting and fun.

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