One of the reasons I left the Midwest for the sunny West Coast was to experience some serious adventures and have the opportunity to explore!!  Here at USC, we are spoiled with easy access to the ocean, mountains, and even deserts.  No matter how tough or stressful a week is, I simply think about my next weekend escapade and it is all worth it.  As the year comes to a close we all go through a week that seems swamped with midterms, final projects, and deadlines for a summer job or internship applications. That was last week for me, and what better a way to blow off some steam than by jumping off a cliff? Literally.

After my last midterm on Friday some buddies and I (actually three fellow engineers) loaded up the jeep and headed up to the Angeles National Park in Malibu.  We spent the day under the sun hiking through lush, green forests until we arrived at the Hermit Falls.  Leaping off the fifty-five foot cliff was an extremely frightening yet liberating experience and a memory that I will never forget.  It was truly a perfect Friday afternoon in Southern Cal with some of the coolest people on campus.

Whether cliff jumping or simply strolling up and down the Venice Boardwalk, I encourage you to break out of your comfort zone and experience all California has to offer.  USC is so unique because students have access to cultural, professional, and social events in the city of Los Angeles as well as adventurous, scenic, and peaceful activities on the ocean or in the mountains.  College life is about finding a nice balance between schoolwork, social life, and taking the time to cross things off your bucket list!! USC really has it all so be sure to take advantage (: