Ahh this year needs to seriously stop going by so fast!!  So much so fast.  I feel like I have grown up more personally and professionally than I ever had over the span of the year while having so much fun at the same time.  Here are a few highlights from my 2013 at USC that I will never forget!!

  • Starting Research- This semester I just started working with a professor and senior ENE student in a Microbial Fuel Cell lab.  Learning how to work in a lab setting and watching the different voltage readings of our experiment has been extremely rewarding.  I definitely hope to continue next semester as I am currently drafting a new proposal!
  • Learning how to surf –Finally headed out to Manhattan Beach and rented a surf board with my roommate.  Trying to learn from her lead, I got tossed and tossed in the waves but had the best time ever.  Surfing is something I’ve always wanted to try and hope to get better at over the next few years.  I still have to pinch myself every time I head to the ocean.
  • Cliff Jumping in Malibou-One of my favorite Saturdays was spent cliff jumping with a bunch of buds out in Malibou.  We hiked around the Malibou Canyon State Park all day and came across a beautiful area with rock pools and cliffs ranging from 30 to 50 feet.  Definitely got in my adrenaline for the weekend!!



  • Grading CE-110- For the past few months I have had the opportunity to grade papers for an Intro to Environmental Engineering course.  Grading was a great way to earn some extra money while refreshing everything I learned last year in class.
  • Ski Team position-After getting really involved in Ski Team last year, I was elected as the Team’s Event’s Coordinator and Recruitment Chair.  I have been so happy to have a chance to give back to the team a little bit and have had a blast planning pre-season events and sharing with freshman and interested students about the team at involvement fairs.
  • Getting my first apartment– Moving into my own place was certainly an adventure.  I’ve gotten to know my 7 roommates super well and they have become some of my best friends at USC.   Actually having to clean and cook for myself took a little getting used to (nothing like an EVK meal plan) but it has definitely helped me mature as a person and become much more independent.
  • Opening Weekend in Mammoth- The weekend of November 7th was easily one of my favorite weekends this semester.  Opening weekend in Mammoth is always a blast.  Along with fifty other friends from ski team, I got to spend the weekend snowboarding, enjoying the natural hot springs, and hanging out in the mountain town.  I got to know so many fun and new faces  and got even more excited for the season!! Now I just pray for good snow ( :

warm and cozy

  • Parents Weekend in Santa Barbara- The weekend of October 26th was amazing not only because I got to catch up with my family all weekend, but also got to explore Santa Barbara for the weekend.  My parents decided to take a mini-road trip and drive up to Santa Barbara with me while they were out in Cali.  Santa Barbara was such a fun city and I didn’t realize how easy it was to get to from LA. 
  • USC Stanford Game-The most amazing game I’ve ever been too! After a 17-17 tie most of the game, until Andre Heidari surpised everyone with a huge field goal in the last 20 seconds of the game.  It was incredible to see everyone climbing over the bleachers, jumping over fences, and running down stairs to storm the field right when time was called.  I have never felt more energy or school spirit than when I was surrounded by a sea of yellow and red on the field that night!!


  • Haunted Hayride-I absolutely love Halloween…all the decorating, costumes, candy.  This year some friends and I bought tickets for a haunted hayride in LA.  Probably the scariest hayride I’ve ever been on but had so much fun getting into the Halloween spirit and watching crazy monsters jump out at me for a solid half an hour.  Afterward we topped the night off by carving pumpkins to put out over our balcony!!



This year has been amazing and I look forward to even more experiences to cross of the bucket list next semester.  There is so much to do every weekend and I absolutely suggest taking advantage of every opportunity.  See ya in 2014 wahoooo!!!