To me, Mechanical Engineering means excitement, adventure, possibility, and limitless.  It is a field that is constantly evolving and defying “the impossible.”  Mechanical Engineers use physical principals, materials science, thermodynamics, kinematics and mechanics to analyze certain products and machines, and design new and more efficient technology.  Because Mechanical Engineers have such a broad range of knowledge and skillsets, they are needed in almost every industry from sports equipment, aviation, space technology, to even cinema.

 AME 1

This semester my classes focus on applying physics, calculus, and statics to engineering applications.  Class is never dull because we work towards solving real-world problems that you can actually see yourself needing to use someday.  In AME 204, strength of materials, we are studying how different materials react to stresses and forces.  By breaking up each part of a device and studying the individual force equations, we can test a mechanical system to see at which points it is most likely to fail under a certain stress or constraint.  In Physics 153, we are applying physical concepts to optics problems as well as learning about the most recent discoveries in modern physics.  During lab last week I actually got to play with a laser beam, and a series of mirrors trying to mimic an optical phenomenon created by the Michaelson Interferometer.  So far, all of my AME classes have been engaging and relevant to problems any engineer might run into in the work force.


With my Mechanical Engineering degree I hope to work with renewable energy.  I have always been passionate about the environment and am interested in photovoltaic cells, wind turbines, hybrid cars, and fuel cells.  I feel that working to make them more efficient would be extremely rewarding and exciting.  I am also super interested in product design and would love to research or design ways to make snow sports equipment like goggles, skis, snowboards, helmets, and boots safer, more comfortable, and more practical for racing, park riding, or even powder days.  I can already see how my degree is equipping me to accomplish and work towards these goals in the future!