From start-up bands to headliners like The Killers, Mumford and Sons, and Nine Inch Nails, lolla was an incredible way to explore all sorts of different styles of music.  As one of the largest and most renowned events Chicago hosts every summer, I felt it was time to finally be to be a part of it.   Yes it was a bit pricey, but it was also the best $230 I have ever spent.  During the three-day music festival, over 160,000 people danced their way between eight different stages overlooking both Lake Michigan and one of the most mesmerizing backdrops in the country…the Chicago skyline.  Throughout the weekend I saw probably fifteen different concerts, met interesting people from all across the country, and got to see some of my favorite artists up close.  While I am a huge fan of a lot of the bands, lollapaloozawas about much more than just the music to me.

My high school friends (:



August 2nd-4th was a weekend where almost all of my friends from high school were home.  Between summer school, work, internships, or travel plans, itwas rare to find a weekend we could all get together and really catch up.   Twenty of us ended up taking the train down from the burbs into the city friday morning, spending the day together, and staying over at a friend’s apartment downtown.  It was a perfect way to wrap up the summer and introduce each other to friends from college who were also there.  My fellow Trojans got to mix with my high school buds, and I finally got to meet the kids from Indiana University, Vanderbilt, U of I and Michigan I’ve been hearing about all year.  It was awesome seeing all of these different and interesting people come together through common threads. By the end of the weekend I was confident that regardless of whether or not we saw each other during the year, my relationship with high school friends had stayed pretty much the same.

So while it might be hard to leave high school friends behind, it is totally possible to maintain those friendships and pick up where you left off back at home.  In each phase of life whether you are moving schools, states, or jobs therewill be so many new faces to meet and great friends to make.  After freshman year I can’t even imagine not knowing some of the people I’ve met at USC.  Do not be afraid to branch out and step outside your comfort zone at USC!!  Some of the coolest, most unique, and talented people are waiting to meet ya just down the hall of your dorm rooms.  Make new friends and keep the old ones!  Besides… all it takes is a little music to bring everyone together (:

:view of Chi Town from apartment                                                Mumford & Sons killin it