Freshman year was easily one of the most exciting years of my life. However, it was also the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my family.  Living 2,000 miles away from our home in Chicago, I only got to see them over a few major holidays.  My two brothers, Aaron and Elliott, have always been my best friends and we are all super close with my parents.  We definitely talked on the phone and skyped as much as we could, but there is nothing like spending quality time together.

This summer we were fortunate to have our entire family living together back in Chicago. My first priority for the next few months is spending as much time as possible with the Arnold crew.  While I thought of going for a more serious internship to pursue my engineering goals, I figured I have three more summers to gain experience.  I settled on lifeguarding again at a local pool and focus more on spending time with the people I love before my brothers start moving out and my major picks up.

Chicago is a lively and beautiful city, especially in the summer.  The first week I was home, my younger brother Elliott and I bonded over one of our favorite bands, Of Monsters and Men.  We spent the night in the city and saw them live at the Argon Ballroom.  When we’re both off work we’ll spend hours long boarding in a forest preserve near our house.  Feeling the wind through our hair, zooming past huge green trees and creeks, all the while having deep chats with Elliott is something I’ve missed.

Simple activities like working out together, watching the Blackhawks game, and going out with friends are things my older brother Aaron and I bond over.  Even though it’s been a while since I’ve been with them, it’s great to see how absolutely nothing has changed between us.  This weekend our entire family is looking forward to a huge pig roast at my cousin’s house.  These events that bring everyone together is what I cherish most throughout the summer.

Yes I am really close with my family, however, I couldn’t be happier living on the West Coast.  It was a tough transition, but if I hadn’t stepped outside of my comfort zone, there is so much I would’ve missed out on at USC.  Don’t be afraid to make a big move. After just a few weeks of summer, I finally understand that no matter how far away I am or where my future takes me, I will always have my family and nothing can get between us.


Boat ride downtown Chicago (:

Boat ride downtown Chicago (:

My brothers and I at my cousins wedding!!

My favorite boys at our cousins wedding

Long boarding with Elliott downtown!

Shredding in the Chi with Elliott