Break was a blast for sure but I am definitely super excited to be back in L.A.  This semester is especially exciting since I actually just decided to switch into Mechanical Engineering!

Viterbi is set up so that most students take the same basic math and science classes like calculus, differential equations, physics, chemistry, and entry-level programming classes.  Because of this setup I was able to make the switch as a second semester sophomore and still plan to graduate in four years.  Not only did all of my math and science classes transfer over, but a MATLAB course, my intro to Environmental Engineering, and a statics class overlapped with AME curriculum as well.

There are so many wonderful majors and disciplines within Engineering and it’s so comforting that Viterbi is flexible and encourages us to explore these different majors in order to find the right fit!  The process of switching majors within Viterbi was super simple.  After talking to my Environmental Engineering counselor, she directed me to the Mechanical Engineering advisor who helped me pick new AME classes for the semester and officially declare my new major by signing a few forms!

Crew 2

This semester I will be taking Strength of Materials, Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Optics and Modern Physics, and Roman Civilization.  It will definitely be a busy semester but I really like my professors so far and have friends in almost each class which is always fun.  Aside from keeping up with grades, I have lots of fun things planed for Spring 2014.  I just bought tickets to Coachella, which is a huge music and arts festival in April.  Over spring break my friends and I are planning on road tripping up and down the Pacific Coast Highway and camp up in Big Sur.  Finally, a lot of my weekends will also be spent up in Mammoth Lakes snowboarding with the team!  Between these adventures and my new classes, there is so much to look forward to in 2014 and I can’t wait to bring it on!