Ronald Tutor Hall. The center of the Viterbi School of Engineering. Home to the world-famous Chicken Banh Mi of the Ronald Tutor Cafe, the lightning fast internet, and the Interaction Lab.

IMG_3204Ronald Tutor Hall is where I spend a majority of my time, whether that be meeting with various members of the clubs I’m in over a coffee in the cafe, hanging out in the lobby between classes, studying in the conference room on the second floor, or working at my desk in the Interaction Lab! As the center of the engineering school, RTH is a great location for my center of activities. It’s close to most of my engineering classes, the E-quad, libraries, and even has some pretty good food options for some between-class nutritional recharging.

I love studying in my lab because I have my own desk space to keep textbooks and notes, have access to really smart people who I can go to for help, and just peace and quiet to focus on my work! There are tons of great placesto work that I take advantage of all the time, like Wallis Annenberg Hall, the Campus Center, and our numerous libraries, but I prefer to work in Ronald Tutor Hall!

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Electrical Engineering (Robotics), Class of 2018, Learn more on his profile here!