Hey guys—hope everything is going well! As you know, my major at USC is Electrical Engineering and my emphasis is in robotics. And at the same time, I’m pursuing an Entrepreneurship minor in Marshall. My dream job soon after finishing my higher education would be to work in a technology management role at an innovative company preferably working on a research and development team or project centered around robotics.

To date, I’ve interned at two companies, Sandia National Labs and Facebook Inc., both on R&D teams, and have loved the experiences that I’ve had at those places. I’ve also been pursuing a number of entrepreneurial endeavors at USC with various business partners that I’ve met through research and other extracurricular activities.

In order to better explore my options for future11224616_962143390494637_4138342996452307108_n career opportunities and options, I have been blessed by the numerous tools, a dedicated careers office, and the awesome events that they put on! Last year, before securing my internship with Facebook, I went to the fall career conference where I got my resume reviewed, attended the fall career fair where I talked to recruiters and engineers from interesting companies who provided great insight as to what I should to, and heard representatives from cool companies talk about their companies at their on-campus info sessions.

Having all these great resources on-hand and so readily accessible will allow me to do my best to get to where I want to be as soon as possible and I plan on continuing to leverage these resources as I continue my careers as a USC student and even after graduation! (I have met multiple alumni in the careers office who have returned to either offer help or use the resources available to the Trojan Family!)

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Electrical Engineering (Robotics), Class of 2018, Learn more on his profile here!