Hey everyone!

Hope everyone’s break was festive and fun! I know I had a great time!



After wrapping up finals last semester I drove home to the Bay Area to meet catch up with family and friends for about a week, then headed up to Lake Tahoe for an unbelievable ski trip.

El Nino, a beautiful yet destructive weather pattern that happens to hit California once in every 4-5 years or so, always brings crazy amounts of rain and snow! This season has been ridiculous thus far—with certain days seeing 20+ inches of snow overnight so I had to take full advantage of the opportunity.


After coming back from Tahoe, I had a few days to catch up with a few more high school friends and then came back to LA! I have so many plans and goals for this semester and it’s already been off to a great start! I got a desk space in the lab I work in, got a research paper I wrote accepted into a AAAI symposium, and just completed Theta Tau USC’s second-ever rush week resulting in a super awesome Beta Class!

Screenshot 2016-01-24 11.33.47

I’m also really looking forward to my classes, including software engineering, advanced embedded systems, and signals and systems! Only 2 weeks in and I’ve already learned a lot—cannot even imagine what I will learn soon!

All in all, the break was incredibly relaxing and fun and this next semester is going to be great! Come back and check out what we do in these upcoming months!

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