Hey everyone! Hope everything is going well—especially those filling out college applications!

I’ve talked about all the fun research projects and other engineering activities that I’ve been doing on and off campus, but one that I haven’t mentioned yet is the City Fellows Consortium! This is something that I’m super passionate about and co-founding this consortium has been one of the coolest experiences thus far!

Just to give some context, the City Fellows Consortium is “an innovation-centered private league for Los Angeles’ top logoundergraduate engineering fellows, selected from the region’s most elite universities. Each year the Consortium schedule focuses on building new ties for every Fellow into the local community, including ties to VC, government, early stage technology companies, and LA’s top traditional technology enterprises. Fellows become comprehensively familiar with southern California’s innovation ecosystem, and LA’s leaders will gain a view deep into the area’s universities, meeting the most promising innovative undergraduate engineers.” I started this with a friend of mine, Alyse Killeen, an awesome Venture Capitalist at March Capital Partners, who I met when I was the moderator for the honors consortium and continued to stay in touch. We believed that LA’s exciting tech entrepreneurship scene was something that should be leveraged and by setting up a group for connecting upcoming tech talent with current innovators, we hope to help Silicon Beach continue to grow!

We started brainstorming in the Spring of this year and just a few months later, we have assembled a group of awesome undergraduate engineers from USC, UCLA, and Caltech and have had two meetings—one with Howard Ko, a Venture Capitalist with ECA Ventures, and one with Heal [www.getheal.com] and the leadership team. In both talks, students and industry leaders had great conversations that hopefully lead to future collaborations and exciting solutions to interesting problems.


The experiences that I’ve had in setting up and helping run this program has been invaluable and I can’t wait to see where this program will go in the near future!

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