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Entrepreneurial Student Organizations

take the initiative to empowering students to realize their innovative potential. They encourage creative thinking, independence and often organize events to connect students to startup or smaller companies looking for talent.

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Girls in Tech

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Corpus Callosum aims to encourage cooperation between Artists, Engineers, and all other creative types through group projects, design competitions, workshops and industry speakers.
The Blackstone Launchpad (BLP) is built to help students develop businesses, no matter what stage of the process they are in. This group focuses on venture coaching and feasibility testing, and is constantly preparing teams for pitch competitions and pushing them to take their business to the next step. BLP leverages both the Trojan Family and the nationwide Blackstone network to maximize the success of any student interested in starting a company.
D-Health utilizes the combined power of USC’s Health, Technology and Engineering programs to make an impact in healthcare information technology. This program enables student teams to rapidly prototype new technologies tackling the vast issues in fields of health and healthcare. These technologies are immediately put to the test and deployed in USC hospitals, allowing students to iterate effectively and make real impact.
Girls In Tech aims to empower, educate, and mentor female college students interested in entering the technology field. The goal of the program is to create excitement about the industry and encourage those college and university students considering a career in technology to pursue their ambition and meet like-minded women in industry.
HackSC explores and promotes academic and career issues related to technology entrepreneurship as well as the maker movement, and to help those interested in the field to get to know one another better outside the classroom and laboratory.
LavaLab aims to give students the know-how, resources and connections they need to successfully bring their ideas to market by promoting entrepreneurial and innovative thinking. It is a hands-on transdisciplinary student-run organization that aims to develop practical, profitable and responsible solutions to real world problems.
Sigma Eta Pi is dedicated to developing human potential by transforming individuals into pioneers who follow their passion, establishing lasting relationships between young professionals, and creating opportunities through innovative pursuits. It educates its members on knowledge of the start-up ecosystem and venture processes.
Spark SC ignites innovation by empowering students to develop their entrepreneurial potential and by fostering collaboration within the USC and Los Angeles community.
Startup Equinox connects entrepreneurs and innovators to build amazing things! Startup Equinox is a cross-functional event bringing together entrepreneurs and university students from the greater Los Angeles Area. Founders, entrepreneurs, and students from schools including USC, UCLA, and Cal Tech connect, share their business ideas, and offer expertise in areas such as marketing, design, finance, and engineering
The Viterbi Startup Garage (VSG) taps into the combined potential of USC’s budding engineers and experienced professors to pump out high-tech startups. Student teams and companies in the VSG program are incubated in Santa Monica for 12 weeks with access to $50,000 in funding, the pooled resources of the Viterbi School of Engineering’s technical insight. Check out some of the cool companies recently working in the VSG!

“I am a part of Lavalab, a startup incubation club that helped me bring my engineering skills to team of business students and designers. There, we developed a language translation app and pitched it to investors from companies like Sony, Tinder, and Facebook. “Michael, Aerospace Engineering '18

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Code the Change is a student organization that seeks to apply computer science skills to make a social impact. Liam and Alicia talk about the club’s current and past projects working with local non profit organizations and give advice for aspiring computer science students.

Kelly and Paul chat with Adena and Calvin from the enterpreneurial student organization, SparkSC. While this one is a bit longer – its a great talk. We get into all things related to entrepreneurship and innovation at USC: hackathons, 1000 Pitches, HackSC, Design for America, Corpus Collosum, LavaLab and even a little bit about Paul’s guilty pleasure: Ghost Adventures.

Paul and Alex learn more about LavaLab, USC’s student-run incubator, from Drake and Aneesha. LavaLab teaches their members how to apply the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation to make their product ideas come to life, and provides tons of resources and guidance along the way.

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