Happy Halloween!

As a Seattle native, fall in Los Angeles often doesn’t seem like fall, more like perpetual summer with a slightly lower sun. It eventually gets cold in Los Angeles (translation: lower 60s), but October still tends to be in the 80s. You won’t catch me complaining, but occasionally, I do miss the typical fall weather of home: red, orange, and yellow leaves with brisk wind, scarves, sweaters, and boots.

Halloween in particular makes me miss fall at home. But there are so many great things to do here, so I created a roundup of some of the best Halloween activities in LA.

1) Pumpkin Patches

Los Angeles (much to my surprise) actually has pumpkin patches that you can go pick pumpkins from. While I’m biased towards the pumpkin patches in the Pacific Northwest, it’s still fun to go with friends and pick out pumpkins and then carve them.

Pumpkin Patches Los Angeles


2) Theme Parks

While Disneyland is my personal favorite, other theme parks in the greater Los Angeles area also have Halloween events, that are (admittedly) a lot scarier if that’s what you like. Knott’s Berry Farm becomes Knott’s Scary Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain has Fright Fest, and Universal Studio has its Halloween Horror Nights.

Disneyland Halloween

3) Haunted Houses

There are Haunted Houses all over the greater Los Angeles area. Here’s a list of the ones in Hollywood and DTLA.

4) Día de los Muertos Event

Los Angeles has a large Hispanic, in particular Mexican population. As a result of this there’s a lot of great Hispanic food and cultural events that happen in the city. While, Día de los Muertos is actually November 1st, not the day of Halloween, there are still so many really cool  Día de los Muertos events in the area.


Have a happy Halloween everyone!



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