As a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my absolute favorite things about LA is the food. There are a ridiculous (read: wonderful) number of restaurants in this city and every type of food you could imagine. Including some you can’t (Korean BBQ tacos? What will they come up with next?). With that here’s a roundup of my favorite restaurants and/or food trucks in LA

1.Ocean Seafood 750 N Hill Street. Growing up, dimsum was a frequent weekend outing. As such, I had a requirement living in LA that I had to find a good dimsum place (preferably in Chinatown). This is that place. Who doesn’t love a hundred different kinds of dumplings pushed around on carts for you to try? I recommend trying one of everything and making sure you get tea as well.

I want it all

I want it all


2. Road to Seoul 1230 S Western Ave. I had never been to Korean BBQ before I came to LA, and I really regret that because it’s become an absolute favorite of mine. You cook everything in front of you and there are probably a dozen different cuts/types of meat to try as well as what seems like dozens of sides to try with your rice and BBQ. It’s a lot of fun to cook everything right there without waiting for it to come from the kitchen (almost instant gratification is one of the great benefits of Korean BBQ).  You’ll come home smelling like cooking meat, but it’s so worth it.


The best study break is a food break


3. Urth Caffé multiple locations. Urth Caffé has a really great menu. They serve breakfast until 1:00pm on weekdays. They have options for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. Their smoothies are great and everything on the menu is really fresh.

urth caffe


4.  Cool Haus 8588 Washington Blvd, Culver City. Both an actual ice cream shop and a food truck Cool Haus some ridiculously delicious desserts. My favorite is the s’mores ice cream sandwich with marshmallow cream on the outside. Messy and wonderfully delicious.

Cool Haus



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