I’m one of those people who’s always listening to music. When I do homework, when I walk to class, when (well, if) I go to the gym, when I’m hanging out with friends, if I’m driving anywhere. I’ve found one of the great things about going to USC, a school in LA (home of Hollywood and record companies), is that there are lot of people here with much better taste in music than me. There are people who have internships at record companies or PR companies for all kinds of musicians. They know about songs and albums before they come out and the second they’re allowed to talk about them they do. As a result, I’ll get some pretty awesome music recommendations and I try to add them as quickly as I can to my study playlist.

Portugal – Walk the Moon (and the rest of their album Talking is Hard for that matter)

Sometimes, after a long day in class or on a particularly sunny day, I need a little more motivation to get work done. Anything by Walk the Moon on their new album, Talking is Hard, is great energizing music, but Portugal is by far my favorite.

Geronimo – Sheppard

Another great pump up song to help motivate me while I’m doing homework. I haven’t heard anything else by Sheppard, but Geronimo is definitely getting more radio time.

I’m So Sorry – Imagine Dragons

I personally love Imagine Dragons. While I think Night Visions was better than Smoke + Mirrors there are a couple gems off their new album, I’m So Sorry being one of them.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars

Everyone’s heard Uptown Funk. It’s great and Bruno Mars’ vocals are, as always, soulful and wonderful to listen to. Another one to keep you away when your motivation isn’t 100%.

Arsonist’s Lullabye – Hozier

Everyone knows Take Me To Church (especially since Hozier played at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show of all places), but I think Arsonist’s Lullabye is a subtler, richer song. I’m definitely in the minority, but either way Hozier’s a great artist to know and a little calmer to listen to when doing homework.



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