It’s really hard for me to believe that it’s the second to last week of school and that I’m now halfway done with college. Well, aside from all my finals. But I think the weirdest thing about college is how fast it goes. I’ve done a lot this semester and yet it still feels like it’s flown by. From organizing events for the new members of my sorority, like our bid night at Sky Zone, to producing multiple issues of Adsum, it’s been really busy, but super fun.

Not that I’ll be slacking off this summer. This summer I’m fortunate enough to be going to London as a part of the Viterbi Overseas program. For seven weeks I’ll be taking two classes: Writing 340, which is a technical writing class, and ISE 460 which is Engineering Economy. So I get ahead in my classes which is really nice. It gives me more flexibility in my schedule for the next four semesters and allows me to do things like take creative writing classes or film symposium, which is definitely something I’m interested in.


London Bridge


As part of the program we’ll have excursions to Edinburgh (which is an overnight excursion with a castle tour!), Stone Henge, and the London Theatre. I’ll have a three day weekend every week (the glory) and so I’ll have lots of time to explore London – and the rest of Europe! – with the friends I have going. It’s really easy to get pretty much anywhere in Europe from London. Paris, Madrid, Rome – it’s all really close and you can find round trip tickets for really good prices from Heathrow or Gatwick, which are the two big airports in London, to pretty much the whole of Europe.

Edinburgh! Pronounced: "eh-din-bur-uh"

Edinburgh! Scottish prettiness. Pronounced: “eh-din-bur-uh” ’cause Gaelic

This will be my first time off continent and I can’t wait to see everything that I possibly can.



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