As a self-proclaimed foodie it’s no surprise that one of my favorite places in Los Angeles is Grand Central Market. It’s basically an open floor plan of vendors for food. If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia it’s a like a smaller version of Reading Terminal Market (if you’re in Philadelphia and haven’t tried it, I highly recommend Beck’s Cajun Cafe in Reading Terminal. They have the best po’boys).

Basically my love for Grand Central Market stems from my love for food and Grand Central Market has a lot of food. Pastries, fried runny eggs, bento boxes, tacos, ice cream, even an oyster bar. You name it, it’s there. They even have a produce market.


Perfection right here

Eggslut perfection right here

My favorites in Grand Central Market:

  • Eggslut. Eggslut sells pretty much one thing: sandwiches (and burgers) with fried runny eggs on top. Great for breakfast or for lunch.
  • Valerie’s. Valerie’s is known for their chocolate and their pastries, but at GCM you can get a ginormous bowl of Chinese chicken salad and it’s really good. Of course, my favorite is a snack mix of theirs that’s a bunch of different kinds of seeds and nuts covered in chocolate sprinkled with salt.

On my list to try is Bento-Ya and McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream and pretty much everywhere else in Grand Central Market.


Bento box from Bento-Ya

Let the weekend eating begin.



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