One of the many food phenomenons of the last few years that has been food trucks. They’re all over Food network and as a consequence they’re all over big cities, like LA. I’ve had the opportunity to try a few – some randomly when I’m out in the city (Amazebowls is one that hangs around campus a lot) and then there are food trucks that USC brings to campus at the beginning of the year when all the freshmen move in. Part of why I love food trucks is because they usually try to do something different and new or they making really good food really accessible.

Here are some of the food trucks I’d like to try!

1) Jogasaki Sushi Burrito

In Orange County there’s a sushi burrito place called Samurai Burrito that I tried and it was amazing. Los Angeles probably has some brick and mortar places like this, but there’s also the Jogasaki Sushi Burrito food truck. It’s basically an excuse to eat a giant roll of sushi with your hands. So pretty much exactly what I want to do with my spare time.

Sushi Burrito from Samurai Burrito

The sushi burrito I got from Samurai Burrito

2) Son of a Bun

Sometimes all I want is a burger with a fried egg and avocado on it (an option that my beloved In-N-Out does not have). Son of a Bun has just that and many more. You can get different kinds of burger patties and all kinds of toppings (though I don’t know how you can get much better than a fried egg and avocado).

Avo-egg burger from Son of a Bun

Avo-egg burger from Son of a Bun

3) Kogi BBQ Truck

Kogi BBQ has Korean fusion tacos and sliders.  And Siracha. And it sounds so good. I love fusion food, and I haven’t ever tried Korean fusion, so this is definitely on the list.

The Kogi BBQ Truck

The Kogi BBQ Truck, now I know what to look for

There are many more food trucks out there, so many that I don’t even know how to begin making a dent in this list. But that’s okay with me.



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