Oh, fall semester. The semester of football, football, and football. Oh, and football. All right, so there’s a lot more to the start of the school year than just football, but given the history and culture of USC football, it’s worth mentioning (at least once).

California USC Football

This fall is the start of my sophomore year and it’s going to be busy in the best of ways. I’m in harder classes, including a Matlab programing class (EE-150). My other classes are fairly standard: Math 226 (calculus 3),  Physics 151, and my Arts and Letters general education class. I’m also much more involved on campus this year than last, not only because of VSA but because I am now a co-Editor-in-Chief of a literary magazine on campus called Adsum. There’s a lot more on my plate, but I look forward to the challenge. One of the nice things about sophomore year is that I have more of a routine. While I loved my freshman year and I wouldn’t have changed a single thing, it is an adjustment. With a whole year under my belt I’m more comfortable both on and off campus, I know what to expect from my course load and know how much is too much. I’m ready to really take advantage of my involvement, explore more of LA and find more fun places to spend my weekends. And of course, football.




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