I’m planning on posting another blog about my awesome internship at Boeing this summer, but I wanted to take this one to share some of the fun I’ve had this summer before I got down to work.

Throughout last semester, I took a class called Global Innovation long distance with students from Peking University in Beijing, China and from Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. I was part of a group of 6 representing the Pink Team!!!The best part about the class was that we got to go to Taiwan for 2 weeks to do our final presentations. The students from Taiwanese University took us everywhere in Taipei, and gave us an amazing experience. Just hanging out with them to do our projects was a blast as we shared stories from our childhoods and shared slang words in our respective languages.

Sunny (far right in the picture above) is so fun, and loved the “California term” YOLO, which became our trip motto. I learned “boo-how eet-suh”, which means “excuse me”. Also I learned that while Chinese has 4 different tones that make the language very difficult to learn, Taiwanese has 8!!

The most interesting thing about the trip was the food. The first day was really tough, because I didn’t know how to eat with chopsticks!! My teammates taught me proper form, however, and you can see my technique above. The food was super different, but tasty! However, I did not become a fan of dried pork shavings on top of my food.

Above is me and my roommate Kat, who’d I wanted to personally call out for making the trip so fun for me. I didn’t choose to go abroad for a semester/summer during my undergrad, and it’s one of my biggest regrets. However, thanks to this class and the wonderful people in it, I crammed alot of experiences into a couple short weeks.

That was my first time to Asia, and also this summer was my first time in Vegas!!

My mom was visiting for the weekend, and while we were getting breakfast on Saturday, I mentioned that I still hadn’t gone to Vegas (cause I was busy the weekend Caitlin Sarian went) and that I wanted to go. She replied “Well let’s go!!”

My mom is my best friend, and she was the perfect Vegas partner. We drove up in 4 hours and did all the things I’ve always wanted to do:

1) Stay in the giant pyramid

2) Swim in the party pools I always saw on MTV

3) Go to Tom Collichio’s restaurant CraftSteak. He is my favorite chef and that was the first steak I’d had since becoming an omnivore again. see picture below!!

4) See a Chippendale’s show (I got the calendar)

5) Go to the Voodoo Lounge (we got in for free)

6) GAMBLE!! Mom taught me how to play craps on the drive and we won $250 at a table! It is a very companionable game, and I had a very good run as the shooter!

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