I got back Friday night, because I like to have plenty of time to get prepared for an upcoming semester. Also, I had WAAAY to much family time.

Unfortunately, my greeting in the apartment was a broken water heater that flooded the whole place and made it smell like the inside of a moldy shoe. Also when I tried to turn on the heater because the evaporating water was freezing, the smoke from the heater set the fire alarms off at 4am.

Therefore, I was trying to get out of the house on Saturday and do something fun. I found Paintlab in downtown Santa Monica where they were having a Wine, CHeese, and Paint night for $30 and the cost of the canvas.

I went by myself (I don’t mind), but there were some really interesting people there and we made friends while I was working on my paintings.

It was a really fun way to spend my night, and there were people there of all ages, single and in couples. I also got dinner at the Urth Cafe, which had great vegetarian food and a fun atmosphere for me to read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Driving back, I thought of places to hang my creations on the stark walls of my tiny room.