I tend to categorize my life in an attempt at organization. I like to look back on the different aspects of my semester separately: my school work, my extracurriculars, and my personal life.

Technically, my school work is the most important to me. It’s been a real struggle to stay focused as I try to enjoy my senior year and look forward to my job at Boeing next year. The 4 main classes I’ve been taking are Spacecraft System Design, Spacecraft Propulsion, Mechanical Design, and Senior Design Project. (seems like alot of “design”) The first two are grad-level night classes on Monday and Friday night, which kind of sucks, but the material I’ve been learning is very similar to the work my peers did at Boeing this summer. Mechanical Design is very similar to the engineering classes Statics, Strength of Materials, and Dynamics that we take as Astronautical/Mechanical/Aerospace majors. The teacher is this adorable Indian guy. Finally, my Senior Design Project is almost finished, due this week, and Caitlin and I have been working our butts off to get our data and write our report.

My extracurriculars include: Society of Women Engineers, USC Women’s Choir, and the Equestrian Team. SWE is really my most important commitment, because my best friends are in the club, and I want to do my part to make sure they get the futures they want. Although honestly, the leaders in SWE are just as capable of leaders as I am, and are perfectly capable of going after their own careers. However, I’m supremely happy to be able to represent this organization of over 200 of the best, brightest, and most awesome women I’ve ever met. I’ve also been spending alot of time with the Equestrian Team, taking 2 lessons a week and going to shows on weekends.

Finally, although it may seem impossible to have a personal life in college, I’ve been having a blast my senior year! College is a time of many opportunities and friendships, and I want to take full advantage of that until I have to graduate and have a real job. The other night I went to La Barca for tacos with my VSA friends.

Either way, as much fun as this semesters been, I’m so ready for winter break (I’ve already been sleeping a ton in preparation for my time off)! The spring promises to be even more fun, but I’ll blog about that later!