Not last weekend, but the one before, I went to New York to see my sister in her last indoor track meet of her college career.

My entire family went, and it was awesome to see them all again, because they’re spread out all over the continent, and I don’t get to see them very often. I came in Friday morning from the redeye and jumped right into New York. My mom and I took off in the subway to meet my sister in Times Square where she insisted on shopping at Forever 21. I bought some new shoes (teal Keds-like shoes), and my mom got some “bling”.

Also, we stopped by the bar right off Times Square that my great-uncle used to own back in the day. 2 years ago when I was in New York for this exact same reason, we stopped here and I sang with the ex-broadway star at the grand piano!

Next, my family and I went to the Ground Zero area where the guys visited the memorial, and we women did more shopping, haha. I got some velour leggings there! We walked up into Little Italy for dinner, and I had the most delicious puttanesca of my life!! Also, saw a fellow Trojan there and threw up my “Fight On!”

The next morning, mom and I headed down to Soho to get some unique NY experiences. We found this super expensive boutique that was completely New York. Mom ended up buying this gorgeous fur vest and I got a shawl with little fur balls.We spent way too much money, but it was so fun to hang out with the New Yorkers, drink champagne, and use a bathroom that had a burning candle and a fountain with a goldfish.

We spent a while there in a little coffee shop while I did Mechoptronics. That night was so fun!! We all went to see Anything Goes on Broadway. The star of the show was totally amazing, at singing, dancing, and tap dancing. My grandpa was singing along to each song; I was so glad that he came with us.

The morning, quite early, we went to see Megan do high jump!! We took the subway to the Brocs and sat with the other track parents, indulging in superstitions.

Besides watching my sis, my favorite event of these track meets in the polevaulters, because its so scary and exciting watching them go 16, 17 feet up in the air and come flying down. Megan took this picture

After Megan was done, we took of into New York again, and wandered until we found something cool. We tried to take a taxi to see the Obscurities show that’s on TV, but it was moving locations. Instead we ended up in this enormous Halloween store where I bought a butterfly mask, kinda of like this one, but prettier. Maybe I’ll post a picture somewhere!

After that we took off for the airport, and I took my last look of New York! What a great trip!