Last year, I wrote a little blog about how I spent my freshman year in Pardee tower, check it out!

I thought I’d just add a couple more thoughts in reflection and nostalgia.

While sharing a room does kind of suck, I recommend it for at least your first year in college, especially in a dorm where everyone is out running down hallways, making friends and memories. I was so worried about whether I’d get along with my freshman year roommate, I can’t believe how lucky I was that we turned out to be better friends than I would have ever guessed. I also realized through the 4 years of living with her, that at least half the time it’s something I can compromise on that helps. ¬†For example, different cleanliness standards, or noise limits, or temperature preferences are really small things to adjust for a friend and working living relationship.

Anyway, it was a year to remember and a picture’s worth a thousand words