Coincidentally enough, I was on the same floor as Lauren my freshman year in Pardee, and since I put that I liked outdoor activities on my application, I got into the Great Outdoors Floor – the Pardee Penthouse!

Honestly, I didn’t really care where I was put, but I really loved the big huge desk in front of the huge window that had a great view of LA. I went potluck with my roommate, which I was kinda worried for, but actually she turned out to be my best friend in college. We watched Narnia our first night in the dorm, and we still live together!!

That’s her in the top left, Ali!! Our friend across the hall was taking a makeup special effects class and turned Ali’s face into a leaf! We hung out with the people living around us all the time. Hannah, shown in the top right, was always up for a dancing party, and the walk across campus to Parkside Dining Hall (which has awesome veggie burgers). The bottom left picture was taken from the top of a ferris wheel during Conquest, which is the week long party leading up to the football game against UCLA. Pardee is the rightmost building in that picture. Living right next to the quad, we always knew what was happening, whether it was a concert, or the marching band playing during finals, or an impromptu frisbee game.

The other pictures have no real purpose except to show you how totally fun living in a dorm can be. We dressed up for parties and events, had surprise birthday parties with cake and balloons, and on and on!

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  • Brennan says:

    Hi! Which side of Pardee Hall (like which room numbers) faces the quad? and which numbers face the garage??