I think I’ve definitely talked enough about my involvement in the Society of Women Engineers over the last few blogs and to talk about it again seems a bit redundant. Although SWE takes the most time of any of my organizations, I want to talk about my experiences with Freshman Academy and the awesome fun that I’ve had with it!

Although the Freshman Academies are still a relatively new program here, it is my opinion that they keep getting better each year! As a freshman, I loved getting to know people from other majors and being able to talk about my experiences as I struggled through the first year of college. We were all asking ourselves, “What will I be doing in my life as an engineer”, “Is this what I really want to do”, “How much does my GPA matter and what else do I want to do with my time?” The Academy is an open atmosphere where its ok to not have all the answers and to ask for help.

I really looked up to my coaches freshman year and their advice, although I’m not the type of person to really reach out for help, was really appreciated my freshman year. In the midst of general education and math classes that I found very easy and dull, the class was a relief and a reminder that eventually I’ll be getting to the fun stuff!

After my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to be involved with the dynamic and interesting group of people who help mentor the incoming class. The Coaches are an eclectic mix of personalities that have outgoing and giving qualities in common. I was so nervous during my interview for the job, but so happy when they picked me to join the team!


These experiences have been a blast!! My first activity of a coach was the most intense, grueling scavenger hunt of my life, but we won!!!! YES! Shoutout to Ann an Nolan! Since then its been great hanging out before a big event we’re volunteering for, meeting on friday afternoons to go over business, and working together to make a great experience for the freshman academies.

I became a Coach because I love being a part of Viterbi, and I do like helping people. I want to help the members of our Trojan Family succeed, and I think engineers are fun and fascinating people. Being involved as coach has made me good friends among the freshmen I mentor, the faculty I work with, and my awesome coach peers!

Hope to see you in the academies when you come to USC! FIght On!