This Christmas, I decided to make my sister an awesome present, check out the youtube link below! It’s called How an Engineer Does Christmas

The video documents my work as I built Megan a message to put in the rear window of her car that she can light up to display the word TAILGATE, or DANGER, or BACK OFF. If someone is tailgating her, she can flip a button in the front of her car and it displays the message in the back. It took about 3 hours to construct, and then another hour 10 edit the footage my dad took.

Megan loved it, but unfortunately her dog was too tempted by the LEDs and ate it. Apparently it cost $500 to get the pieces out of him…

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you to show how engineering can be a part of everyday life, and it doesn’t take a genius or a billionaire to invent something new and make it. Just an engineer with some soldering experience and some free time over Christmas break!