When I first came to college, I wanted all the accessories! The coffee mug, organizers, matching bedsheets, etc. However, I am cheap, and therefore, acquired a few important possessions that keep college fun and stylish! The list of essentials is different for everyone, definitely, and mine includes stuff like my yoga mat, teapot, a great dress to use for any corporate occasion, etc.

I’m gonna take you through my favorites!

Something more helpless than you to take care of, $14.99

An enabler for my checklist addiction, $9.99

Trojan SWAG, $12.99 flippy-floppies, $39.99 bag

Small, low quality TV to watch rented Leavey Movies on, $159.99

Best Lunchbox Ever, $4.99

Competitive Games to Beat Roommates at, $12.99 each

Little Dinosaur to put in Refrigerator to scare Roommates, $5.99

Having an awesome 4 years at USC, PRICELESS.

(Cheesy, I know, but think Mastercard!)

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