Hey Guys! I made this powerpoint when I was a Freshman Academy coach my sophomore year (which is a class you will take your first semester). It’s full of general advice to keep in mind your first year, so I’ll walk you through it.


The first tip is about time management. The biggest tip I’ve developed is to start difficult tasks so that it’s easier to come back to them later.

Slide2time management image


I always tell freshmen to go to the involvement fair, try out new activities, do the things you’re interested, because you will have free time and it’s good to start getting involved early.


My biggest recommendation for people coming to live in the dorms is to stockpile the snacks under your bed!! Then when you get really hungry but are too lazy to go to the dining hall, you have something. Try something healthy like dried fruit!


In high school if you put in some effort, you can get A’s, probably pretty easily. However, you might be shocked when you find that the average scores in college is a C, and you will probably get one on a major test sometime in your freshman year or all four years. It’s ok, it happens, and then you 1) go to your professor’s or TA’s office hours 2) go to the tutoring center 3) easiest option, just devote a little more time to that class


USC is an expensive place, so there are a few ways to save some $$ 1) rent or buy used books 2) go on an alternative spring break and help some people out 3) get an on-campus job 4) use the student discount card!!


A little joke: “Due to his short, stumpy arms, T-Rex had to give up his dreams of becoming a chemist!”Slide8btw, I had to rewrite this whole blog cause my silly internet didn’t save it the first time!!! That’s why its so precise.


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